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>> Windows COM Ports equivalent in Linux

I shall list the Linux equivalent of the Windows COM ports. This information is generally found in the HowTo section, but if you haven't found it there, here it is for quick reference. This information is asked during the configuration of various softwares, so its best if you make a list of of 'Which Hardware - Which Port' for your machine, so that you can refer to it whenever required.

My Setup :

The table shows the setup on my machine. If its the same on yours, then you can directly use these values.
Remember that the translation of the Com Ports -> Linux files is the same everywhere, but your particular hardware may not be on the same Windows Com Port as mine. What I mean is, Com 1 in Windows is /dev/ttyS0 in Linux everywhere. But the mouse need not necessarily be present on Com 1. The mouse might be present on some other Com Port. You should know which hardware is on which Windows Com Port on your machine.

My Devices Windows Com Port Linux equivalent
Mouse COM 1 /dev/ttyS0
External Modem COM 2 /dev/ttyS1
Floppy Drive Normal Floppy cable /dev/fd0
Printer Lpt Port /dev/lp0
CDROM Drive IDE cable /dev/cdrom

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