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A Quick Introduction to Bash Programming (Part 1-2)
Written by : Harold Rodriguez

This article is a roller coaster ride through all the basics of Bash programming. Harold has dealt with all topics in such a manner, that newcomers would be completely at ease and experienced users would also find it interesting. This is one of the best introductions that you would find to Bash programming!!

A PHP Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1 - 5)
Written by : Luigi Arlotta

PHP is an excellent server-side technology for dynamic webpage generation. This elaborate 5-Part tutorial written by Luigi Arlotta explains the basics of PHP programming. His style is so simple that even absolute beginners would have no trouble following this tutorial.

  Input/Output Redirection in Unix
Written by : Ramnick G

Redirection is one of Unix's strongest points. Ramnick explains this concept in this article. He talks about Input, Output & Error Redirection. He cites many simple and useful ways in which we can put redirection to good use.

  How and when to use the dd command?
Written by : Sam Chessman

In this article, Sam Chessman explains the use of the dd command with a lot of useful examples. This article is not aimed at absolute beginners. Once you are familiar with the basics of Linux, you would be in a better position to use the dd command.

  Accessing CDROMs in Linux (covers mount, umount, fstab configuration file)
Written by : Vince Veselosky

One of the first things you'll need to do after you're up and running is access programs and documentation on CDROMs. But where the heck are they? There's no D: drive!! (like you used to have in Windows). Vince Veselosky explains how you can access CDROMs and floppies in Linux by using a procedure known as mounting.


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